Order the Best Hunting Knives and Rapier Sword from Battling Blades

Best Hunting Knives and Rapier Sword

One of the most famous companies that design and sells ‘battle-ready’ swords, knives and machetes at Battling Blades. The main aim of the team is to manufacture the swords by using the best quality metal, wood, bone, and leather. Not just the swords, the team makes the best hunting knives as well. If you are a hunter then you must need a really good quality hunting Knives. Well, Battling Blades aims at providing 100 percent customer satisfaction and is proud to have the best craftsmen in the team. The business is run by a family and all the family members play an active role in its success.

There is a wide range of knives, and swords being manufactured by Battling Blades. You can read the reviews for each o the Battling Blades website too. The three popular categories include a hunting Knives, Gladius sword, and Rapier sword. Let us now discuss this one by one in the upcoming paragraphs.

Hunting Knives

Hunters especially are fond of hunting knives. You can get to choose one of the best hunting knives at Battling Blades. To commence with, we will talk about the material, feature, and design of a Bowie hunting Knive. This famous hunting Knive was founded in the USA which is also associated with the legendary Jim Bowie. The Bowie hunting Knive is a single term used to describe many hunting knives.  However, in the simpler terms, this Knive refers to any big sheath Knive, further having a crossguard and a clip point. Adding further, the hunting Knive is famous amongst the hunters and collectors.

Gladius Sword

A variety of Gladius swords are available at Battling Blades. You can select the best Gladius sword according to the length and design you prefer. A Gladius sword was used by the Ancient Roman foot soldiers and is mentioned as the primary sword. It is believed that early ancient swords were resemblant to the ones which the Greeks used. The Romans had adopted the sword from the 3rd Century and these were same as the ones used by Celtiberians. According to various reports, they also adopted many swords during the conquest of Hispania. These swords were famous as Gladius hispaniensis, or Hispanic sword. The Gladius sword can be used for cutting, thrusting, and chopping almost anything. During the battles, the soldiers moved ahead with the Gladius sword and a shield, both for the best protection from the enemies.

Rapier Sword

Battling Blades designs and sells several rapier swords which are available in different sizes. A rapier sword is a type of slender, sharply pointed sword. This weapon is made for thrusting but as per your requirements, the rapier sword can also be used for slashing and cutting. A rapier sword has a complex hilt to protect the hand. Furthermore, it was the 16th and 17th century when this weapon was widely used in Early Modern Europe. Visit Battling Blades and find out more about the weapons in detail.